In Summer 2014, the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine established the Biological Dentistry Journal (Bio Dent J) to share our clinical results with fellow IABDM members, our respective patients, professional circles, and local community.

For every day in their offices, biological dentists produce biologically healthy mouths capable of supporting total health. Our challenge is that the public, the media, and all health professionals don’t know that — yet. The Biological Dentistry Journal stands as a clear representation of why biological dentistry matters.

The journal’s mission is to educate and to share with all dentists, health professionals and interested patients the positive difference made by biological dentists. Its features include

  •  Case Reports: Clinical success
  • Systemic Support: Guest articles by health professionals on areas pertinent to biological dentistry, both within and beyond our scope of practice, e.g., detox, posture, nutrition, emotions, exercises
  • Oral-Systemic Links: Updated summaries of published scientific evidence

Planned additions include an online discussion forum for IABDM members and a professional resource library.

felix-liaoEditor-in-Chief, Biological Dentistry Journal

Felix Liao, DDS, MAGD, ABGD,
IABDM Certified Biological Dentist

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