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Call For Biological Dentistry Cases

Share your biological dentistry success! Has your dental diagnosis and treatment made a positive difference in the health of your patients? I am sure there are many in your office. Please ask your staff — they know very well whose cases you should write up.

Publishing your cases enhances your reputation, and it may help other dentists, suffering patients, and other health professionals.

The BDJ welcomes case report and article submissions from all biological dentists, regardless of professional affiliation, and allied practitioners, including physicians, chiropractors, DOs, naturopaths, homeopaths, and others.

Need guidance in writing case reports? View our “Share Your Success with Case Reports” slideshow.

Format for Case Reports

Please submit your cases using the S (for Summary) + SOAP + O (for Outcome) + Comments/Discussion format:

Research-wordsSummary: 2 or 3 sentences describing how this case improves total health with a healthier mouth through cavitations, airway, TMD/occlusion, galvanic currents, root canal infections, etc.

Subjective: What are the patient’s presenting complaints and symptoms? Include what’s been done, and use a timeline where it makes sense.

Objective: What are your physical exam and diagnostic findings as a biological dentist?  Include your physical exam findings, X-rays, photos of teeth, arch, face, posture, models, lab tests, imaging, and other records etc, as appropriate, and as SOP requires.

Assessment: What is your diagnosis as a biological dentist? What’s in this mouth that impact(s) total health? What is the logic you are following? Include report from other health professionals, and list published references to support your treatment.

Plan and Outcome: What did you do, including systemic support, nutritional & lifestyle advice, and dental treatment? What was the outcome? Quote patient directly lends authenticity. Patient Testimonial in writing or video must include authorization to share
online and offline.

Comments/Discussion: Your “take home message” for readers. Be concise and clear using the Keep It Simple, as in a PowerPoint.

Critical Requirement: Please include all photos and images in a folder, otherwise your case cannot be published. Patient identity should be protected by blocking out eyes.

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