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Endodontic-Endotoxemia: Our Current Dilemma

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For about 180 years, or more, there have been attempts to retain teeth whose nutrient canals have been destroyed by placing gutta-percha or other sealants within the canals.(1)  Numerous innovative mechanical techniques have been developed over the years to render the canals sterile and uninhabitable for microorganisms. Virtually all advertisements within the industry trade journals emphasize “mechanical obturation” and not the biochemical aspects of sterility of the canal system, or if the canals can be sterilized at all in the short or long term. As reported recently, overemphasis on this aspect of simply filling the empty spaces within the root canal system and its importance has misled the field of endodontology.(2)

What is most critical, is that root canal teeth become nesting sites for microbes who, due to the loss of outward hydraulic pressure from within the body of the dental organ since the pulp no longer is living, migrate though the dentin into the peri-radicular tissues, thence into the circulatory system and other tissues.

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